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The Bugle Group 20 Limited has recently sponsored a local Charity Football Event

We were approached by Sean to sponsor a local event that he was hosting.  There were two reasons for the event.  First of all, Sean wanted to host an event so that all of the people he had played football with over the years, could get together and reminisce about their football days.  The second reason was because Sean who is still very passionate about football, wanted to raise funds for a local football academy "Bee Inspired"


Since many of our members had known Sean for some years, we were happy to help with the event in any way we could, especially since the main ethos of The Bugle Group 20 Limited is to help local community projects.

We arranged a host for the evening, and a legendary guest speaker, Alex Stepney, along with live music entertainment, an auction and great food.  

Tickets sold out in no time, and the event was held on 7th October 2022 at The Railway Club, Chester Road, Manchester.  Whenever The Bugle Group 20 Limited sponsor or host an event, we always incorporate an element of fund raising to help either the local community or a chosen charity. and this evening was dedicated to "Bee Inspired Football Academy" and MacMillan Cancer Support


Wow What a Night ..............

We promised you fun and laughter and delivered just that.  We could not have asked for a better evening - the event was sold out and

everybody had a great time, and are looking forward to the next one, which is an achievement in itself.


it was great to catch up with old friends and reminisce on memories created over many years, but there were some highlights that

made the evening a huge success for The Bugle Group 20 Limited. 


We were privileged to have Alex Stepney speak to us and share some of the special moments he encountered throughout his career.   








As we have always stated, anything that The Bugle Group 20 Limited is involved with must have an element included to ensure that the

community or a chosen charity benefit from the event.  As part of the  evening, we wanted to present an award to someone within the

community who has made a difference.  One lady stood out in the crowd and Frances Campbell Miller was nominated for the

Outstanding Achievement Award.  From working as a Youth Worker in Moss Side in the 1970s, Frances established netball as the

sport of choice for local girls and was instrumental in setting up Flava Netball Club which has gone on from strength to strength.  





Not satisfied with helping just one member of the community, the event was also sponsoring a local football academy "Bee Inspired" 

We managed to secure a sponsor for the academy, who wishes to remain anonymous



And the final highlight of the evening for The Bugle Group 20 Ltd was raising funds for our chosen charity "MacMillan Cancer Support"

Not only did we manage to raise £500 in cash for the charity, all members of The Bugle Group 20 Ltd dedicated their time and services in kind.  Should you wish to make a donation to MacMillan Cancer Support, please do so by using the following QR code to make a payment directly to them







                                                            Take a look at our Gallery for more pictures that were taken at the event

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Roger Newall

An evening of none stop entertainment.  I don't get out much but I haven't laughed so much in a long time.  The compere was brilliant

Trevor Reeves

A wonderful evening, and supporting a charity like MacMillan Cancer Support - keep up the good work Sean

Linda Braithwaite

I can honestly say the evening had everything tears, laughter, food, music and perfect company.  I cannot wait for the next one.
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