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We offer an extensive
range of bespoke

Music Management

Other members of The Bugle Group 20 Limited specialise in Music Management
and can steer you in the right direction to a career you thought you could only dream of

The music business is not all glitz and glamour and can be a
very ruthless, cutthroat business. Unfortunately, there are
people who will take advantage of both your naivety and

longing to be noticed and directed towards your music career.

Our aim is to guide you, whilst always protecting your
interests, to help you meet your goals and have a lucrative
career. We will handle all the logistics involved so you can
focus on your music career

The Bugle Group 20 Limited do not only manage artists, but
we also manage songwriters and producers too

Mixing table keys


As established Music Managers we oversee the business
affairs of our artists to ensure that they not only receive the
best deals, but to also ensure that any suggestions
presented to them are genuine and in their best interest

• Navigating your career

• Discussing career strategies

• Scheduling promotional appearances

• Handling interpersonal conflicts

• Advocating for you mental and physical health

Why The Bugle Group 20 Limited?

You can rely on us to ensure your career is a
fantastic experience and we will provide you

with the confidence that all business and

logistical affairs are dealt with effectively and

efficiently.  We will:


  • Liaise with record labels and publishing companies

  • Negotiate contracts

  • Appoint professionals including solicitors  and accountants

  • Liaise with merchandising companies

  • Arrange collaborations with songwriters

  • Arrange tour managers and security personnel,



 We will guide you from day one by arranging
performances and demos to ensure you are
recognised and will continue throughout your

 whole career.

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