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Once upon a time 


there were a group of people who were involved in some way in the entertainment business.  Whether it was event planning, promotions, music management, concerts, carnivals and festivals, each individual excelled in their area of expertise.  Building  exceptional reputations based on knowledge and experience, whilst we were all successful in our own right, we were always looking for that opportunity to broaden our horizons.  However, it wasn't enough for us to just progress, we needed to share our experiences with others, so that whilst we were living the dream, other members of the community would also benefit.  We were all approached individually by one of our members to join forces, so that with strength in numbers we would definitely make a difference to the local community.  Subsequently, The Bugle Group 20 Limited was formed.  Although we are a relatively new company, our individual journeys began a long time ago .......

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event information ..................

Windrush One Love Fest

The Bugle Group were approached to assist with The Windrush One Love Fest, which was an event hosted by Windrush Defenders Legal C.I.C. to celebrate the contribution that the Windrush Generation made to the UK society over more than seven decades.  

The event was held on 17th June 2023, on the outdoor land of the Windrush Millennium Centre, Alexandra Road, Moss Side to "Commemorate, Celebrate and Educate" as the event fostered a sense of pride, recognition and understanding of the Windrush Generation.  This was done by reviving and celebrating their rich culture through music, food, fashion, art, crafts, drama and dance. 


The event, an intergenerational one, was aimed at encouraging people of all ages and backgrounds to embrace a shared history, tackle the fractures and conflicts of a diverse community and nurture a sense of belonging and confidence, with the ultimate goal of achieving greater community cohesion.  With a pop-up version of the Empire Windrush Ship, cultural stalls, free wellbeing treatments, along with hot meals for the over 65's, sound systems, with live stage performances from artistes, poets, dance, drumming & steel pans, in addition to dominoes, draughts and storytelling, covering all ages and ensuring the event was vibrant, colourful and enjoyable


"One Park Living Legends"

Following on from our involvement in Preston Caribbean Carnival the second part of the event was a fundraising event namely "One Park Living Legends" which was a Reggae Event, held at Cuerden Valley Park.

Live on stage were the one and only Twinkle Brothers, supported by Home Grown and He & I.  With various sound systems, good food and drinks along with the sunshine, the scene was set and a very enjoyable day was had by all.

The Bugle Group were responsible for the marketing and promotion of this event, arranging flyers, posters, banners, car advertisement, websites and social media, we managed to reach out to over 50,000 contacts to make the event a successful one 

Preston Caribbean Carnival 2023


As a management company and with our established reputation, we were introduced to Preston Caribbean Carnival Limited, with the view to providing Event Management for Preston Caribbean Carnival 2023.

After various meetings, we were instructed to undertake the Event Management for the Preston Caribbean Carnival 2023.  Our instruction involved the delivery of the EMP (Event Management Plan), however, we also assisted in other areas, including arranging security for the event and implementing a Health & Safety officer.

The event hosted a fun-filled packed weekend, with all the joys of the carnival including children's entertainment, great food, drinks, music in abundance and to top it all off a weekend of sunshine - what more could you ask for ........


A Charity Football Event

We were recently approached to help sponsor a local charity football event, hosted by Sean Gibbo Gibbons.

In the words of Sean:

"Evenings like this are so important to us all – evenings where we can speak to each other, laugh together, reminisce about old times spent together, whilst we are still here to tell the story.  Not part of a eulogy, where we fondly remember yet another departed soul, before they eventually disappear from our minds.

It was an honour and a pleasure to present the event, and as the pictures confirm, when you took a look around the room, there were many familiar faces.  However it is not often, that you get to spend time with these people, other than a quick hello as you pass-by in the street, or under unfortunate circumstances like a funeral.

With this in mind and since tomorrow isn't promised, I intend to make this an annual event, at the very least.  An evening where we can sit back, relax and enjoy.

"I couldn't thank Bugle enough for their support and I am very proud that we also supported MacMillan Cancer Support.  We also have a major sponsor for the "Bee Inspired Football Academy" who prefers to remain anonymous, so overall the evening was extremely successful by contributing to two very worthwhile causes"


Clubs & Club Nights

From a background in Promotions, with numerous years experience, some of our members managed clubs, owned clubs and arranged club nights. Not content with being responsible for arranging various nights within the Manchester Club Scene, our club nights were taken overseas to Malta and Holland.

With contacts in abundance and a wealth of experience we had a flexible approach and were able to arrange nights for any occasion and for any genre including House, Garage, RnB, Rock and Grunge.  Our nights regularly sold out and because of our experience and the security we invested in our  nights were also peaceful and without problems.

Whether we were hosting our own nights or arranging theme nights for other clubs we soon built up an incredible reputation and were often approached for our services, which were unique as we were able to provide DJ's, artists, and security for our events.

After building an exceptional reputation coupled with excellent service levels, we have brought the same skill set to Bugle and still arrange events as one of the services that we offer.


The Spirit of Carnival

Some of our members have been involved with  the Manchester Caribbean Carnival, and in  2018 formed an organisation, namely Spirit of Carnival.  

Passionate about the origins an traditions of the Caribbean Carnival, and with generations of family involvement in organising Manchester Carnival, The Spirit of Carnival is dedicated in maintaining the legacy that was created by their families more than 50 years ago.

As part of the organisation of Carnival, it was important to encourage members of the local community to participate in the creation of Carnival, by getting involved in costume making and attending workshops.  The culture and heritage of Carnival encompasses diversity and inclusion along with the colourful expression of creativity which enthused us to share the benefits with others.

In 2019 the organisation worked with Manchester City Council to produce a Jouvert along with a 21 troupe parade which incorporated steel pan bands, and artists from all over the country and the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean.

The Spirit of Carnival have worked successfully with all ages and cultures and with other community groups encouraging unity and community cohesion, with the aim of spreading awareness and keeping the Spirit of the Caribbean Carnival alive


"To Be The Best"

Staged in 1992, by LET Promotions, and long before Pop Idol or X Factor, a talent contest was held a the Nia Centre, Moss Side.  The event showcased for six weeks and saw an array of talent from the local area. We were amazed how many potential artists there were in Manchester alone, who very sadly go un-noticed.  

The showcase was the first of it's kind and attracted the attention of local radio and newspapers, not to mention various soap stars and established artists. We were overwhelmed when Maxi Priest and his good friend Apache Indian happened to be in the area after an interview at the BBC and decided to "drop-by" and agreed to an on stage performance.  


We had comedians to host the event, from stand-ups to guests from the Real McCoy, and each night hosted a guest appearance from various artists including Gabrielle, who was promoting her debut single "Dreams".  All in all the event was a huge success and is spoken about to this day.  


As the weeks passed by more and more contestants performed and the winner of each stage went through to the final.  As the show came to a close and the day of the final arrives, one by one the contestants were voted out until there were just 3 artists left. The decision was then via a public vote and as the votes were counted, we finally had our winner, and the world welcomed "Cleopatra"

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