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Dating back to the 1990's our promotion company was launched and we arranged various club nights in and around Manchester, with venues including Applejacks, Lloyds, Millionaires, Sandpipers, to name just a few.  Since our nights were so successful, we progressed into including PA's from various artists and we rapidly became well known in Manchester.

Wanting to branch out further, our Director Carl, approached Manchester United Football Club and negotiated the opportunity to bring a live group to perform at the stadium - we were the first to bring the idea of concerts at the football stadiums.

We had now become established in Manchester and during one of our nights, we were approached by a club owner from Malta who requested that we take our club nights over to Malta and promote his club.  We spoke to a local hotel and negotiated discounted prices for rooms for party bookings, which gave us the opportunity to promote party weekends, and in association with Club Sky in Malta, Galleria took Malta by Storm.  Initially our nights were held solely at Club Sky, but yet again, wanting to branch out further, we arranged open air events and beach parties.

Continuing our progression in the UK we set up a security company and a chauffeur service and were responsible for looking after Run DMC, Public Enemy and Erykah Badu, along with various corporate clients.  

Whilst managing Club Sky in Malta, and promoting various clubs in and around Manchester, one of our members decided to go a step further and take over a club himself and opened Bla Bla Restaurant in Manchester.  He later went on to purchase Courtney's and transformed this club to Kiki's Members Club.

More recently, we have worked in collaboration with other promoters and in 2021 arranged a weekender at The Bliss Hotel in Southport, alongside Back 2 Love.  The event was a huge success and everybody had a great time as you will see from the pictures on our Gallery page.  We are currently in negotiations for another weekender in the UK and overseas too.

Keep a look out on our news page for when details of our upcoming events and projects are published.

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